Good Pill is a non-profit, home-delivery pharmacy that’s dedicated to providing people with affordable medication. We fill prescriptions for anyone whose co-pays or deductibles are too high, or those who don’t have insurance at all.


eDea LLC | StanceSM is an Atlanta-based financial technology company whose mission is three-fold:

1. Individuals & Communities: to advance individuals’, families’ and communities’ financial and economic awareness, literacy and strength.
2. Enterprise: To provide businesses with a strategic capability and competitive differentiator to improve market, service and operating performance.
3. Government & NGOs: to improve the economic performance and the social and economic return of economic development      programs and policies.

To fulfill this mission, we’ve developed and are now bringing to market a service with a unique, interactive, 3D visualization and quantification of an individual’s, family’s, and community’s financial health. The product has been designed from inception to serve the global market. It has been piloted and is patented. It is also being extended to serve micro, small and mid-size businesses and comes with advanced analytical and reporting capabilities.

StanceSM’s unique visualization renders the complex world of financial management accessible, meaningful and pragmatic to people across the social, economic educational and ethnic spectrum. It establishes a compelling basis for building financial awareness and improving individuals’ ability to identify and select the most suitable products and services available to them and make better decisions for the long-term, while providing strategic and pragmatic analytical capabilities, dashboards and tools to enterprise, NGOs and government to objectively measure and advance financial outcomes, improve operating performance and social impact results – including the objective quantification of Social Return on Investment (SROI).

Our product, StanceSM, is designed to serve the 99%. It is also designed to serve the global community. Our business model is robust and scalable. Our team is comprised of professionals with extensive industry, domain and international expertise.

· Metro Atlanta Chamber names 35 winners in export contest
· UK Trade & Investment Office
· Clearpoint CCS testimonial: (We have rebranded our product from My1000Points to StanceSM)
· Fellow, Center for Civic Innovation, Atlanta, GA

Welcome to Purposeful Brands—a collection of locally crafted, artisanal snacks, including candied pecans, gourmet popcorn, and more!

Founded in 2018 by Meals On Wheels Atlanta, the purpose behind Purposeful Brands is to end senior hunger in Atlanta. Proceeds from the sale of these delicious snacks provide a sustainable revenue stream to support Meals On Wheels Atlanta’s Home-Delivered Meals program for food-insecure seniors.

Purposeful Brands initially launched as Purposeful Pecans, which is our line of gourmet, Georgia-grown candied pecans crafted in small batches right in Meals On Wheels Atlanta’s own kitchen. With the success of our award-winning candied pecans, we have now expanded our concept to Purposeful Brands and are debuting gourmet popcorn, chocolate bars, and other irresistible new treats.

Purposeful Brands snacks are available for purchase at Our products can also be found at well-known local venues such as the Peachtree Road Farmers Market, Pine Street Market, and the Market at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The St. Regis Atlanta sells our Purposeful Pecans in its in-room honor bars as well.

And every purchase serves a purpose–helping to ensure that no senior in our community faces the stress and uncertainty of wondering how they’ll get their next meal.

With our growing base of loyal retail and wholesale customers, and exciting new offerings in the works, Purposeful Brands is poised to make a sustainable impact on Atlanta’s senior hunger crisis.





“Employer donations for healthy behaviors”

Kilter Rewards enables employers to donate to employee chosen causes when employees complete daily health goals.

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  • TQIntelligence’s SaaS product provides analytic solutions that use voice analytics and machine learning to improve the quality of care and decrease cost.
  • We use voice-recognition technology to extract variables in human voices to objectively quantify and predict the severity of emotional distress.
  • We use scientifically validated psychological surveys to collect data from patients, families, and therapist simultaneously.
  • Our ML platform provides real-time data to help providers make a treatment decision based on data.