The overall goal of the ACT! is to increase the impact of our loan programs to assist our clients in building wealth and increasing business knowledge and skills. ACT! will meet the overall objective by increasing our Loan Volume by $5 Million over a 3-year period and by strengthening the organization by Raising $2 Million in New Debt Capital.

Kristi Porter believes in using her skills, talents, and influence to do good wherever she can. As a self-described #wordnerd, she is often assisting nonprofits and social enterprises in their marketing and communications efforts, primarily through copywriting and marketing strategy consulting.

Kristi also teaches solopreneurs and small businesses how to incorporate easy philanthropy and giving strategies so they can actively participate in the issues they care about.

Essentially, she makes cause-focused organizations look and sound more professional so they can build a larger audience, increase sales or donations, and do more good. 

FoodFinder is a website, mobile app, and nonprofit organization that helps food insecure families find their nearest food pantries and food assistance programs. Our platform shows the user’s nearest free food providers, and for each food provider we list information such as contact information, street address, hours of operation, and more. With 45,000 food providers across all 50 states listed on FoodFinder, we’re 80% of the way towards being the first-ever national database of every food pantry in America.

Physical and verbal assaults against women and children are globally endemic across all regions and socio-economic strata. Historically, this is a very complex problem and has been addressed on multiple levels: legislatively, socially, and through law & order agencies. The existing solutions are still grossly inadequate. Today software and integrated smart digital technologies enable personal empowerment of women and children that can make them even safer.

lmSafeNow is an integrated hardware/software platform providing a complete safety solution for women and children using AI and IoT. The lmSafeNow platform assembles a socially networked “Community of Helpers” ready to assist when called upon.

  • Small wearable device wirelessly connects to a smartphone
  • Phone-based software App communicates for help
  • Software Platform enables “Network of Helpers”

SIRUM takes unused, surplus drugs and seamlessly deliver them to people who need them most. Our technology is built to connect the 1 in 4 adults who can’t afford their medicine with the $5B of surplus that goes to waste every year.

Good Pill is a non-profit, home-delivery pharmacy that’s dedicated to providing people with affordable medication. We fill prescriptions for anyone whose co-pays or deductibles are too high, or those who don’t have insurance at all.


eDea LLC | StanceSM is an Atlanta-based financial technology company whose mission is three-fold:

1. Individuals & Communities: to advance individuals’, families’ and communities’ financial and economic awareness, literacy and strength.
2. Enterprise: To provide businesses with a strategic capability and competitive differentiator to improve market, service and operating performance.
3. Government & NGOs: to improve the economic performance and the social and economic return of economic development      programs and policies.

To fulfill this mission, we’ve developed and are now bringing to market a service with a unique, interactive, 3D visualization and quantification of an individual’s, family’s, and community’s financial health. The product has been designed from inception to serve the global market. It has been piloted and is patented. It is also being extended to serve micro, small and mid-size businesses and comes with advanced analytical and reporting capabilities.

StanceSM’s unique visualization renders the complex world of financial management accessible, meaningful and pragmatic to people across the social, economic educational and ethnic spectrum. It establishes a compelling basis for building financial awareness and improving individuals’ ability to identify and select the most suitable products and services available to them and make better decisions for the long-term, while providing strategic and pragmatic analytical capabilities, dashboards and tools to enterprise, NGOs and government to objectively measure and advance financial outcomes, improve operating performance and social impact results – including the objective quantification of Social Return on Investment (SROI).

Our product, StanceSM, is designed to serve the 99%. It is also designed to serve the global community. Our business model is robust and scalable. Our team is comprised of professionals with extensive industry, domain and international expertise.

· Metro Atlanta Chamber names 35 winners in export contest
· UK Trade & Investment Office
· Clearpoint CCS testimonial: (We have rebranded our product from My1000Points to StanceSM)
· Fellow, Center for Civic Innovation, Atlanta, GA