Swipe Credit is an Enterprise Fintech Platform that brings innovative tools and fast cash to help dynamic businesses of any size grow, powered by artificial intelligence.

Cherry Street Energy builds and owns next generation energy infrastructure — powering cities, businesses and institutions with reliable, renewable energy.

We were built to address the needs of Georgia’s largest customers including Emory University, the City of Atlanta, Fulton County, Atlanta Property Group, Marriott, Illuminarium, and Creature Comforts Brewing.

Our core offering is our solar program. We design, build, own, operate, maintain, and improve solar power systems over time. Going solar with us requires no expertise, personnel, or upfront investment.

We also offer a wide range of services including consulting offerings to help you envision your energy future, as well as programs designed for energy resiliency.

To learn more, please visit our website or reach out to us.

Company Description

Aegis is a for-profit, social impact, financial technology startup. It is a Haitian-American & US Armed Forces Veteran-owned enterprise.

Our product Stance visualizes (in 3D/interactive form) and quantifies the economic viability and financial health of an individual, household or community. It is designed to serve individuals across the socio-economic, educational and cultural spectrum – globally. Stance also visualizes and quantifies the impact of products & services, policies & regulations, and the macro & microeconomic environment on it. The product is first intended to protect the interest of the consumer but is also of strategic value to responsible enterprise and government to better serve their communities and operate more effectively – a catalyst for financial transformation.

For non-profits and government, Stance establishes strategic and analytical capabilities to enhance program portfolio performance management, engage communities, support advocacy and funding initiatives with demonstrable outcomes and social ROI.

For for-profit enterprise, Stance establishes strategic and analytical capabilities to enhance competitiveness, customer loyalty & retention, operating performance, and product/service portfolio optimization – while protecting the interests of the consumer.

Core applications

  • Non-discriminatory loan qualification & Access to Capital  – Consumer, Micro & SMB
  • Supporting Affordable Housing Initiatives – Analytics, Decision  & Performance Management
  • Supporting Under & Unbanked initiatives – Analytics, Decision  & Performance Management
  • Case Management for Financial Education/Advisory Support
  • Employee & Employer Financial Wellness – Prosperity Through Productivity
  • Consumer Program & Product Matching & Management
  • Economic Development/Social Impact Program & Portfolio Dashboards & Performance Management/Social ROI

What if every time you filled up with gas you planted a tree? Or every flight you took removed carbon from the atmosphere?

If you’re concerned about climate change, you’d love to have no impact on the climate–but from the daily commute to simple electrical usage, reducing your impact to zero isn’t possible in modern society.

That’s where Arbor comes in: Arbor is the mobile app that enables you to eliminate the climate impact of your day-to-day life, simply and automatically!

Once registered, Arbor can monitor your purchases. Then, using advanced AI, whenever you make a purchase Arbor will calculate the climate impact of that purchase and enable you to automatically fund carbon-removal projects that eliminate your climate impact.

So the next time you buy a tank of gas you can rest easy, knowing that for less than a cup of coffee, your purchase is now having a positive impact on the climate!

If you’re concerned about the climate crisis, you should do what you can to reduce your climate impact. Let Arbor eliminate the rest.


Every day, Georgians including students, seniors, teachers, and neighbors collaborate to give voice to and solve community challenges. CivicGeorgia strives to increase the frequency and impact of such community-led efforts for progress, because we believe deeply in the necessity of achieving equity and justice through and in civic engagement.

We engage grassroots initiatives by joining communities in action at the front-line: directly partnering in organizing and movement-building, issue-specific civics training, and designing and implementing plans to effect change – agenda-free and cost-free. This work is enabled by providing fee-based services to clients including schools, non-profits, and municipalities who seek to strengthen bonds with and lift up the communities they serve.

Charityvest is a personal charitable giving fund, for everyone.
Create your fund in 90 seconds at Charityvest.org.
Make tax-deductible contributions of cash or stocks to your fund.
Then, send grants from your fund to virtually any nonprofit in the US.
Zero transaction fees: 100% of the funds go to charity.
Manage all your giving from one place, forever, for free.

ACE is the largest small business-focused community development financial institution (CDFI) in Georgia. In 2000, ACE started as a micro-lender with a pool of $50K, making small business loans to 4 counties in rural North Georgia. Nearly 19-years later, we’ve helped more than 950 businesses in 68 Georgia counties with $69M in fairly priced capital by giving people a chance when others wouldn’t.

In conjunction with our core mission, ACE’s vision is to decrease the racial wealth gap, particularly for African Americans and Latinx, through collaborative efforts. Today we are implementing year two of our 5-year strategic growth plan to double our social impact helping more nascent and existing business owners that need us most in rural and urban areas of Georgia. Organizationally, ACE’s strategic plan is designed to scale our self-sufficiency and core sustainability. The goal of this plan is scaling our lending program to $52M by 2022, which will effectively support almost 700 new clients and contribute to creating/retaining 10,000 jobs in the state of Georgia.