Transforming the behavioral healthcare system for at-risk youth from low-resourced communities leveraging Voice-Recognition Technology and Machine Learning, to quantify and predict the severity of emotional/behavioral disorders

Enterprise ‒ For-Profit


  • Access to Finance
  • Health
  • Strategic collaborators, both private and public, including a pilot with an Enterprise customer

Target Populations:

  • Children
  • Low-Income
  • Minority Populations
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Rural Communities
  • Urban Communities
  • Women/Girls
  • Youth
  • At-risk youth in social services system and receiving mental healthcare services

This enterprise is currently looking for capital. Investment mechanisms used and seeking:

  • Equity
  • Pay for Success
  • Program-related Investments
  • Venture Capital
  • TQIntelligence’s SaaS product provides analytic solutions that use voice analytics and machine learning to improve the quality of care and decrease cost.
  • We use voice-recognition technology to extract variables in human voices to objectively quantify and predict the severity of emotional distress.
  • We use scientifically validated psychological surveys to collect data from patients, families, and therapist simultaneously.
  • Our ML platform provides real-time data to help providers make a treatment decision based on data.

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