The purpose of 412 Technology, the creator of the Arbor mobile app, is to aid the global transition to a carbon-free economy, for the benefit of current and future generations, by creating low-carbon and no-carbon alternatives to existing products and solutions.

Enterprise ‒ For-Profit


  • Environment/Sustainability

Target Populations:

  • Families
  • Urban Communities
  • Youth

This enterprise is currently looking for capital. Investment mechanisms used and seeking:

  • None specified

What if every time you filled up with gas you planted a tree? Or every flight you took removed carbon from the atmosphere?

If you’re concerned about climate change, you’d love to have no impact on the climate–but from the daily commute to simple electrical usage, reducing your impact to zero isn’t possible in modern society.

That’s where Arbor comes in: Arbor is the mobile app that enables you to eliminate the climate impact of your day-to-day life, simply and automatically!

Once registered, Arbor can monitor your purchases. Then, using advanced AI, whenever you make a purchase Arbor will calculate the climate impact of that purchase and enable you to automatically fund carbon-removal projects that eliminate your climate impact.

So the next time you buy a tank of gas you can rest easy, knowing that for less than a cup of coffee, your purchase is now having a positive impact on the climate!

If you’re concerned about the climate crisis, you should do what you can to reduce your climate impact. Let Arbor eliminate the rest.