Chubb Foundation’s Inaugural Pitch Night Makes Impact

April 24, 2019

By: Brandon Chubb, Chubb Foundation


What better way to spend an evening than to hear elementary school kids pitch innovative products and ideas that they’ve created all on their own? Well, that’s exactly how the Chubb Foundation’s evening was spent with its Inaugural “Pitch Night” at The Gathering Spot in downtown Atlanta. NFL brothers Brandon and Bradley Chubb started their foundation in 2017 with a mission to activate human potential.

Last year, the Chubb brothers identified the lack of entrepreneurship (as a subject) taught in schools at a young age and made that the sole focus of where they wanted to make an impact. “We believe entrepreneurship is so important at such a young age,” Brandon Chubb said. “We want to plant that seed early and better these kid’s futures.”

They created “Moving the Needle: Effecting Change Through Entrepreneurship,” a 10-week program with Active Youth Academy, an Atlanta Public School after school program, with curriculum focused on entrepreneurship. Over these 10 weeks, a 25-student class with 10 and 11-year-old students met after school at Dobbs Elementary School to learn how to activate their inner entrepreneur.

“Pitch Night” marked the end of the program. Students from Active Youth Academy pitched their innovative products in a Shark Tank-inspired presentation and received a certificate for completing the 10-week entrepreneurship program. Year one was a success and the Chubb Foundation looks forward to continuing to activate human potential across metro Atlanta.


The mission of the Chubb Foundation is to activate human potential. Whether it’s coaching a camper’s efforts on the field or challenging a student in the classroom. From the early stages of the foundation, Brandon and Bradley Chubb knew they wanted to come up with solutions to problems their communities faced, but it wasn’t until a thought-provoking conversation with a mentor that sparked the inception of the “Moving The Needle” program-a 10 week program with Active Youth Academy, an Atlanta public school after school program, with curriculum focused on entrepreneurship. For more information and to donate please visit

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