48in48 mobilizes marketing and technology volunteers to serve nonprofits worldwide by hosting events to build 48 FREE nonprofit websites in 48 hours.

Centered around a 48-hour hackathon-style event: 48in48 connects local nonprofits and skilled marketing and technology professionals. At the end of these 48 hours, 48 local nonprofits have new, professional, websites.

The nonprofits get not only a website, but also, a fresh marketing strategy. Before the main event, each nonprofit takes part in 6-10 weeks of marketing, branding, and impact training.

Nonprofits continue to focus on what they do best: serving the local community. With a boost from skilled professionals, these nonprofits increase their impact and reach via professional websites and marketing plans.

Our organization is global, but our impact is local. In each city, local community leaders take part in our organizing committee, and local volunteers take part in developing the website and marketing strategy.

CenterForm is an innovation hub for “all things new.” We are a social innovation accelerator, a coworking community and an art gallery. Conceptually, we are a neutral space at the intersections of church and world, gospel and culture, work and vocation, faith and life. Practically, we are a space for people to work, meet, explore, collaborate, incubate and accelerate innovative ideas. Programmatically, we provide structure, process, resources and networks needed for faith innovators to develop their ideas into actual ventures that have the potential to transform the world.

Positive Fields, Inc is a nonprofit arts education center located in Hogansville, GA. We’re here to create opportunities in rural communities through education in the arts and technology. We never charge membership fees, and all of our educational programs are accessible by anyone. Positive Fields, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.