Focused Community Strategies partners with under-resourced neighborhoods to provide innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities where God's Shalom is present.

Enterprise ‒ Non-Profit


  • Access to Finance
  • Community Development and Housing
  • Employment Generation
  • Environment/Sustainability
  • FCS's main function is as an Enterprise. FCS is a full service community development corporation providing holistic services to our focus neighborhoods in the areas of Mixed-income Housing, Economic Development and wrap around services for families through Neighborhood Engagment (entrepreneurship accelerator, food co-op, housing assistance).

Target Populations:

  • Children
  • Families
  • Low-Income
  • Minority Populations
  • Urban Communities

This enterprise is currently looking for capital. Investment mechanisms used and seeking:

  • Debt/Loans
  • Equity
  • Grants
  • Mission-related Investments
  • Program-related Investments

Intermediary ‒ Nonprofit Organization

Services offered to investors:

  • Manage impact investing funds

FCS has a $2 million rotational capital fund with six qualified individual investors and one philanthropic investor and a bank. This fund provides a source of capital for our workforce housing program.

Enabler ‒ CDFI and Foundations, Nonprofit Organization

Services offered to enterprises:

  • Accelerator

FCS is working on our application to become a CDFI. We also partner with Emory's StartME program to provide an annual accelerator program to local entrepreneurs.