We practice conservation to achieve environmental and economic outcomes. (dual charter)



  • Access to Finance
  • Agriculture/Food
  • Community Development and Housing
  • Environment/Sustainability

Target Populations:

  • Low-Income
  • Minority Populations
  • Rural Communities
  • Women/Girls

This enterprise is currently looking for capital. Investment mechanisms used and seeking:

  • Development Impact Bond
  • Mission-related Investments
  • Program-related Investments

Intermediary ‒ Nonprofit Organization

Services offered to investors:

  • Facilitate the emission of structured financial products
  • Provide advice as well as help in structuring deals

Supported Investment Vehicles

  • Equity
  • Guarantees
  • Loans
  • Seed Grants

Primarily working forest fund, financing support for small businesses in underserved communities, administer loan portfolio for non-profits