AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE educates women to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times.

Agnes Scott College provides a dynamic liberal arts and sciences curriculum of the highest standards so that students and faculty can realize their full creative and intellectual potential.
Agnes Scott College fosters an environment in which women can develop high expectations for themselves as individuals, scholars, professionals and citizens of the world.
Agnes Scott College strives to be a just and inclusive community that expects honorable behavior, encourages spiritual inquiry and promotes respectful dialogue across differences.

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Inspired by Agnes Scott College’s commitment to thinking deeply, living honorably, and engaging the intellectual and social challenges of our times, the Master of Arts in Social Innovation degree program helps students learn to consider interdisciplinary and complementary theories to make informed decisions, to influence policy, and to affect social change.  These graduate students – both men and women – learn how to apply business principles, entrepreneurial thinking skills, and design thinking skills to solving complex real-world challenges and to creating a more socially just world.

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