The Civic Impact Awards is an awards ceremony hosted by the Center for Civic Innovation to celebrate leaders and organizations who love Atlanta and are fighting for better policies, stronger civic engagement, and an Atlanta that is built for everyone.

We started this awards ceremony in 2015 to shed light on the work of dedicated and effective leaders who are doin’ the work and to remind people that amazing things are happening in our city every day.

We need your help! We are accepting nominations for the 2019 Civic Impact Awards in the following categories:

Investing in Impact: this award is for a foundation, corporation, or philanthropic organization that invested dollars into a project or program that moved the needle forward on advancing a new or more effective approach to solving a systems-level challenge in Atlanta.

Government Innovation Award: This award is for a government or quasi-government agency that executed a new or more effective program and/or policy to increase public participation or advance a new approach to solving a systems-level challenge in Atlanta.

Community Engagement Award:
 This award is for an organization, formal or informal, that executed a program or service to increase how people are informed and/or engaged in local decision-making.