Celebrating GSIC Director’s First 100 Days

GSIC celebrated Lavonya Jones’ first 100 days as Director on Thursday, August 11th, at a networking happy hour. Partnership for Southern Equity and Startup Runway Foundation hosted, and GSIC Steering Committee Member Brian Goebel emceed. The happy hour centered conversations on Lavonya’s vision for GSIC and how the social impact ecosystem could leverage capital, collaboration, and legislative policy to drive change.

Many thanks to our caterer, Love, JéKeisha, and Najm Khalik Muhammad (@astarslight), who provided us with excellent food and live music for the evening. Thank you to all who attended.

GSIC is honored to be a leading member of the social impact community throughout Georgia!

GSIC Director, Lavonya Jones and Brian Goebel, GSIC Steering Committee Member


Sterling Johnson and Aaron Johnson, Partnership for Southern Equity Just Opportunity Portfolio, Lavonya Jones, GSIC Director, Brian Goebel GSIC Steering Committee Member

Lavonya Jones, GSIC Director, Brian Goebel, GSIC Steering Committee Member


Love, JéKeisha, Caterer


Najm Khalik Muhammad, @astarslight


GSIC Networking Happy Hour


GSIC Networking Happy Hour


Brian Goebel and Lavonya Jones